Cate Riding Pant - Black

By Neeshe New York


Have to go to brunch in the city? Cate Riging Pant. Have to go to work? Cate Riding Pant. Have to go Shopping? Cate Riding Pant. Have to go to the country for a family gathering? Still Cate Riding Pant. 

She is all for the urban prep style in a fashion kind of way. Pair Cate with your favorite blazer or elevate her with an exaggerated large poplin shirt. Add a chunky bootie and repeat. 

Her fit is impeccable and her smooth suede contrast patches pair nicely with her textured rib body. You won't get far without someone asking you where you possibly found her! 

Material: Nylon Ponte + Faux Stretch Suede

Item Fit / Dimensions: True to fit

Made In: New York City

Shipped From: New York City

Lead Time: 3 - 4 Days

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