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OFiveTwenty1 (Pronounced as Oh-Five-Twenty-One) is a family owned business founded online in early 2017. The name for our company is sincere and straightforward; it just happens to be our anniversary date, and to us, it stands for a new and promising beginning.

After retiring from the military, I found it more difficult to find a job I wanted than I thought it would be. I was either overqualified, probably considered as competition, or maybe I just wasn’t doing my resume right. Either way, I knew deep in my heart that working for someone else is not what I wanted to do again and I kept thinking of ways to generate an income on my own, I knew I wanted to start my own business but hadn’t put my thoughts into action.

The idea for our business was a random idea that I took and ran with. One night while watching a movie, I jokingly told my wife I was going to start a new company and that I would call it OFiveTwenty1, our anniversary date, (21 May, or 5/21) and was the first thing I could think of when she asked. Later that night, I turned our home computer into my “workstation,” and I have not turned back ever since…

At OFiveTwenty1, we take pride in caring for our customers and providing the best possible quality and prices we can get. We keep our staff small and focus on continually improving our online presence and growing our network. In turn, this creates better savings for our customers. Of course, we would love to get rich overnight, but we prefer to have happy customers who are just as loyal to us as we are to you.

We sincerely thank you for visiting our site and even more for shopping with us! Any customer of ours is family to us.

Please come back and continue to grow with us. We won’t stop till we reach the top!


R. Jones & A. George-Jones



Never be afraid to DREAM, turn your dreams into your VISION, use your vision to ACHIEVE success!